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Aprons For Good

Aprons For Good

We are partnering with Thrive for Good, a charity in Canada and the US, to help raise funds for refugees in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.  

Thrive is a worldwide not-for-profit based in North America operating out of East Africa, South Africa and India, putting nutritional security - not just food security - in the hands of the poor so they can improve their lives.

Thrive empowers the poor to be self-sufficient, starting with nutrition. When people can take health into their own hands, they have new dignity and pride. Nutritional security also gives them hope for a better future without the constant burden of disease.

See why it matters

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Why Malawi?

After 10 years of support, the United Nations World Food Program recently stopped all food supply to this 55,000-person refugee camp in Malawi, as they have run out of food to give.

Thrive for Good is partnering with the International Association for Refugees to start 5-day demonstration workshops to train and empower the refugee communities to build life-giving gardens.

Small Acts, Big Impact

For every product purchased, Après will be donating $5 towards this project to help these families and communities that need nutritious food now more than ever.

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all of our blessings and want to pay it forward.  Thank you for empowering refugees with the training and simple tools they need to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life...with your purchase.

Want to help?

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