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The Grill Master BBQ Gift Set

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Get the ultimate grilling gift set for that special griller. The Après Grill Master Apron BBQ Gift Set comes with The Premium Grill Master apron, Master Chop Block and a set of Ice-Breaker playing cards complete in our black Après Supply Co. gift box!  The Premium Grill Master apron  comes with four versatile and riveted pockets, 3 riveted towel loops for the ultimate durability.  The Master Chop Block is a perfect compliment to serve in style, made from recycled chopsticks.  The Ice-Breaker Playing cards is a set of playing cards with questions on each card...a great way to spend time getting to know your family, friends or guests while grilling!


Premium Grill Master Apron: Interchangeable straps. 16oz waxed recycled cotton with leather trims. Option to personalise. Bottle Opener. Master Chop Block: Made with 886 recycled chopsticks per board, 1,230g of carbon storage per board. Durable for cutting items on the board. Not dishwasher safe. Ice-Breaker Playing Cards: Full set of 54 playing cards. 54 icebreaker questions. Buy One, Plant One - For every deck of cards sold, one tree is planted in your honour! Currently Planting in Canada. 

Care Instructions

Premium Grill Master Apron: Shake or beat away dirt and debris off apron after use. Spot clean with cool water and a rag. When not in use, store in a cool, well-ventilated place as the natural moisture of the waxed canvas may allow mold to grow in hot or humid locations. Never dry clean, machine wash or machine dry. Master Chop Block: This product is not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe. To clean, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe surface. Dry by placing the product vertically to ensure uniform drying on all sides. Do NOT soak in water. To maintain and extend the life and beauty of your board, apply Block Oil every 3-4 weeks or as needed.

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